Erotic and tantric massages

About the massage

Erotic and tantric massages in Paris

Andrea invites you to a subtle mix of sensuality, relaxation and well-being.

As much dedicated to men as to women, its concept is above all qualitative, with a constant concern to meet a need for relaxation and letting go.

Based on the naturist philosophy, Andrea offers erotic and tantric massages for men and women in an erotic atmosphere, making you shake off the hustle and stress of everyday life.

Naturist massages at home

Massage table, hot oil, zen scent, Andrea make a relaxing naturist massage at home. A unique moment of naturist relaxation is achieved by long, fluid and sensual movements, continuous and complete with kneading and long strokes. Erotic or tantric massages, are an invitation to a trip for your senses while enjoying the comfort of your home.

Erotic massage salon in Paris

Far from the classical institutes, it is a salon with a captivating and intimate atmosphere whose fragrance of oils will transport you to a state of extreme plenitude. Andrea invites you to discover the art of naturist, erotic and tantric massage for a delicious moment of well-being.

A carnal pleasure based on the respect of the human being

Naturist massages are bodily and spiritual treatments intended to open the doors of well-being and to free you from the emotions and tensions buried deep within you.

Tantric massages are a way of life and an experience that will allow you to awaken your sensuality, to exacerbate your senses. A subtle exchange inviting you to self-abandonment for pleasure and intense emotions.